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Ms. L needs vacation rental guest services

Ms. L is a long distance (FL) vacation rental homeowner and needs help providing guest services when the home is occupied.  The home is located west of COS, near Woodland Park, CO.  Ms. L hired Superior Rental Services LLC to provide on-call rental services to include...

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Assist Mr. B with his rental properties from time-to-time

Mr. B is a ‘hands on’ rental property investor.  He owns several single family and multi-family properties within El Paso County.  Mr. B works a full-time job and manages his rentals on a part-time basis.  Superior Rental Services has assisted Mr. B by providing the...

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Mr. S No time for management activities

Mr. S has owned and managed a 4-plex for several years.  The time commitment necessary to successfully manage the building has become overwhelming.  After several failed attempts to hire a professional property manager, Mr. S hired Superior Rental Services to perform...

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Mrs. H Long distance owner

Case Study 1:  Mrs. H Mrs. H is a senior officer in the USAF.  Mrs. H received PCS orders and moved her family to the east coast, turning the family home into a rental property.  After running the numbers, Mrs. H realized that the expense of hiring a property manager...

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